Meredith Studios Ceramic Equipment Repair


Meredith Studios Ceramic Equipment Repair
Richmond, VA 23228


Service Calls  $85.00

  1. A service call includes up to 40 miles of travel and the first 30 minutes of service.  An additional charge of $0.85 per mile will be added to trips over 40 miles. 

  2. Additional Rate of $75.00 per hour will be applied if more than 30 minutes of service is required.

  3. Hourly rates will be calculated in 15-minute increments at $18.75 per quarter. 

  4. Only original manufacturer parts are used.

  5. Credit terms may be arranged for regular and on-going scheduled services.  Cash, checks, credit cards and personal checks are accepted. 

  6. Payment is due when services are complete.


  1. Estimated services of $200.00 or more require a deposit of 50% of estimate prior to commencement of work.

Consulting Services

  1. Consulting services for studio design and setup are available.  This includes a through discussion of the importance of venting kilns to minimize health risks, advice on purchasing equipment, studio design features, equipment warranties and manufacturer support services are included.  Call for consultation fees.

Additional Charges

  1. Miscellaneous Materials - Screws, electrical connections, high temperature wire, element pins, solvents, etc.

  2. Parts - Some common parts are stocked, however many are not and will require ordering from the manufacturer.

  3. Shipping Charges - These charges are determined by the manufacturer and are usually sent via UPS or Federal Express.  Overnight shipping on request.

  4. Commercial accounts can be arranged for businesses, school districts, universities, and other institutions.  Purchase orders can be arranged for production or heave use facilities.  Call for details.

When Calling for Service

Please provide the following information for all equipment.

  1. Make

  2. Model

  3. Volt

  4. Phase

  5. Serial #

  6. This information can be found on your equipments information tag.  Parts cannot be ordered without this information.

References provided upon request. 

Rates effective January 1, 2015.  

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Business # 2706 120478

Licensed and insured.


Don’t let this happen to your kiln.

The top left picture shows an element that has been welded together from touching and arcing. This condition doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes many firings for elements to get this bad.  The arcing of the elements also zapped the relays.  Parts and repairs cost this customer hundreds of dollars and could have been easily avoided. 

We repair kilns, pottery wheels, pug mills and slab rollers..